Siskiyou Massage

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Therapeutic Massage:
Massage is recognized as effective therapy for a number of conditions ranging from depression to migraine, muscle and post-operative pain.

Massage Therapy:
From improved circulation and reduced healing times to relaxation and relief from depression, the benefits massage therapy can offer are well documented and respected by the medical community. Regular bodywork can benefit just about anyone producing lasting positive results for athletes, surgical patients, migraine sufferers, expectant mothers and many others. Various techniques including myofascial release, reflexology and Swedish massage continue to reduce dependence on medication, enhance natural immunity and vitality and boost overall physical and mental well-being for countless individuals all over the world.

Here at Siskiyou Massage, our carefully selected and highly skilled massage therapists specialize in a number of techniques including injury treatment, pain management, prenatal and postnatal massage therapy, sports massage therapy, neuromuscular therapy, myofascial release, swedish/relaxation massage therapy, deep tissue massage therapy and stress management.

Superior Service:
We specialize in results-oriented massage therapy. Knowledge, skill and sensitivity are three of the most important attributes we require from our therapists.

Exceptional Massage Therapy:
Siskiyou Massage is a massage therapy center offering many modalities from a group of sensitive and skilled practitioners. All of our well-trained, experienced massage therapists participate in continuing education to further hone their therapeutic skill sets. We take pride in delivering effective treatment with real, measurable results to residents from all over the Rogue Valley.


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