Sweet Envy

(Wrote this misbehaving little ditty in March of 2005.  Wow, that seems like a lifetime ago!)

I don’t know who to envy more
my new friend caramel
my old friend cream
two dreamy sweets
sweeter made
in mixture seemingly richer
each alone, select
but when combined,

And I’m wrecked
because I dream
beyond tasting
I dream of
hopping their dish and
laying wasting
joining their measure
for a fix
of scrumptious crime
I’d almost do the time
for the pleasure

But what a shame
to taint them
I have no place in their taste
and blame is bitter ruin

Not to mention jealousy
from my own
partner flavor

We too are savory

And I would never risk
our classy confection
for a brief caramel cream stint

For my own peppery part
I’ll stick with mint