My first post about a real brainy teen!

Last fall, I started strong, but then abruptly let die, a new blog

I even established contact with a few interview candidates and even received a prolific and heartfelt response to a full set of interview questiosn from one.

And then NaNoWriMo happened, and it was my first year as a regional ML for that…

…and then the holidays happened…

…and then the new year rolled around, and I hadn’t even gotten back to the fine young man who had spent so much time carefully answering my questions, and I was more embarrassed than anything at having let my new project fall off a cliff.

And then whatever magical unsticking, of whatever mental roadblocks had been holding me back, gloriously happened an now… today… FINALLY, my first post about a real live brainy teen at

Walking on air right now! So happy!


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